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Authentic. As a mother

Our goal is to provide a growth supplement that mothers can truly feel comfortable with.
It’s not always as easy as I’d like

If we had to sum up the thoughts of our clients in one word, it would be this.

We know that parents are busy with their children’s health, club activities, studies, interpersonal relationships, and watching over them…

Parents are busy every day, and there is no way they can do everything perfectly. Still, we always wish for our children’s growth and want to do everything we can to help them, but every day we feel frustrated…

We support the growth of children between the ages of 10 and 16 years old from a nutritional standpoint with our nutritional supplements, which contain concentrated nutrients that cannot be obtained in the normal diet.

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To mothers. Please read this first

Thank you for considering Karada Alpha (α) and our other growth supplements. Please read this first before deciding to purchase. Our supplements are not inexpensive, and most importantly, they are going into your precious child’s mouth. And…

Growth Supplements Product List

Karada alpha (a)

With the goal of restoring the nutritional balance of the good old Japanese diet, we offer growth supplements that complement the nutrients that are inevitably missing from the modern diet.

PS Approach
Wanpaku Dash
Soukai Felina

Mom’s First

Supporting the changes that only women can understand as they age. We have been working with a pharmaceutical company for three years to create this supplement for adults, using high-purity ingredients and making no compromises at all.

Unique features of our supplements

We tell you what makes our supplements unique, such as 99% nutritional ingredients per tablet, pharmaceutical-grade quality control, based on natural ingredients, and zero preservatives or coloring agents.


Awards and Media Coverage

Here are various awards we have received and media coverage we have received in newspapers, medical magazines, and news outlets.

Our Service Policy

This page tells you about our service policy, which includes no trial sets, no subscription system, and is managed by a staff of professional housewives. Perhaps you may be a little confused, but we will explain it to you for your peace of mind.