Thank you for your interest in our growth supplements, including Karada Alpha (α).

Hello. My name is Yasunori Nagayoshi, President of Kenko RSL Performance. I am now writing this letter to mothers who have growing children.

It will be a bit long story. But I am the one who created Karada Alpha (α) and I am also the president.

I may say things that a normal company president would not say, but please read this before you decide to buy. I have a lot to tell you.

However, what I want to do here now is not to advertise products. Rather, it is the opposite.

We only want you to become a customer if you feel that our products and services are of value to you.

We want to be surrounded by customers with whom we can have a pleasant relationship, so we don’t want them to buy just on the spur of the moment.

Moreover, we do not want a sudden influx of new customers.

Also, our supplements are not inexpensive. More than anything else, they are something that goes into the mouths of our precious children.

We want you to take your time and consider it carefully. We don’t want you to regret it.

You have probably visited this page after browsing various sites on the Internet.

Perhaps you have looked at information on how to increase your child’s height, or at comparison sites for children’s supplements.

However, there is quite a bit of misinformation mixed in on the Internet. So, first of all, I would like you to listen to what I have to say, even if it is just for reference.

I think it is not too late to decide whether to purchase or not after that. Thank you very much in advance.

What is Karada Alpha (α)?

In April 2013, I became the first in Japan to start offering supplements specifically for children between the ages of 10 and 16.

The popular product Karada Alpha (α) is one of them.

I was the one who came up with the name of the product, and it was the end of seven years of research and development, so I was very happy when we released it to the market.

Now, Karada Alpha (α) seems to be misunderstood.

The Internet is full of information that seems to suggest that taking Karada Alpha (α) is directly related to growing taller.

It is as if it is a drug that makes you taller. But this is not true.

As one would normally think, there is no product anywhere in the world that will make you taller just by drinking it.

This is not limited to Karada Alpha (α). The same is true for supplements from other companies.

Supplements are meant to supplement nutrients that you cannot get in your daily diet.

It’s not just “drink that much,” is it?

Physical growth is promoted by a combination of factors, including normal diet, exercise, sleep, and genetics. And, of course, there are individual differences.

Karada Alpha (α) is a supplement that focuses on the limited period when a child’s body grows the most, and contains a concentrated blend of nutrients necessary for body building.

It is not a drug to increase height.

Indeed, every day we receive phone calls and e-mails from people saying that their children have grown taller and their children have grown bigger. We are very grateful.

However, we believe that this is only because our supplements are “powerful as a growth support (supplement)”.

For the sake of your precious children. Please be careful.

There is something else I would like to talk about.

Would you call it a ranking site or a review site? There are numerous sites like “Children’s Supplement Comparison” on the Internet.

I can’t help but wonder about that. Who is ranking them, and on what basis?

How many families compare dozens of different supplements for children?

If you stop and think about it for a moment, you will see, right? Those comparison sites are just self-made. There is no evidence.

Of course, I understand the psychology of placing importance on rankings.

However, it is something that your precious children drink. Please be careful about those that you do not know who ranked them, or those that do not have clear evidence.

If you have any concerns or worries, I think it is best to contact the manufacturer or distributor directly.

Actually, there is something I cannot tolerate.

When I originally introduced growth supplements to the world, there were no products specifically for the 10 to 16 year old age group.

Nutritional supplements for children from infants to early elementary school age were the mainstream. They were either gummy or candy-like products that were sweetened to make them easy to eat, or beverage-type products that were dissolved in milk or water and flavored to make them easy to drink.

But I wanted to make a real supplement.

I wanted to focus on the period when the body is growing the most (10 to 16 years old), and I wanted to create a genuine product that concentrated the nutrients that cannot be obtained through daily diet.

And now, I think our Kenko RSL Performance growth supplement is the most proven one for teens.

But then there have been a number of similar products for middle and high school students. I don’t mind if those products are decent products. I mean, I welcome them.

But in reality, they are not.

Despite the fact that the products are aimed at middle and high school students and teenagers, they are all at the candy or juice level.

I’ll add a little more to this because it’s important.

In order to make supplements taste sweet or dissolve in milk or water, an ingredient called sweetener or dextrin must be added.

And those materials are not conducive to growth. In other words, the relative amount of necessary nutrients in the formula will be low.

Where is the need to make a sweetened beverage type for middle and high school students, who are getting closer and closer to adult bodies, let alone for small children?

I have two children who are growing up.

And I only make supplements that I want my children to take.

So when I think about the feelings of parents who want their children to grow up, I get really angry.

To begin with, I have my doubts about calling a beverage-type product a supplement.

On the development of Karada Alpha (α)

Also, since it has to do with Karada Alpha (α), I’ll tell you about myself.

I am not only running this kenko RSL Performance, but actually I am also running a badminton manufacturer.

We have a large share of the badminton shuttle market in Japan. The company was established in September 2002. I have been running the company for quite a long time now.

Because of this, I have connections with famous athletes and professional athletes whom I would not normally get to know, as well as with specialists and pharmaceutical companies that support their nutritional needs.

We also have connections with school teachers. We deal with over 2,000 middle and high school badminton club teachers every year.

In other words, we are working in close proximity to growing teenagers.

That’s right.

Our supplements, including Karada Alpha (α), were created because of this connection.

Originally, supplements were taken by professional athletes to maintain performance and conditioning, but we specialized in supplements for the growing years.

We had tremendous cooperation from school and club leaders, coaches, and parents. And after repeated verification, we commercialized only what the children could actually feel.

It took about seven years from the conception of Karada Alpha (α) to its launch.

Perhaps that is where my feeling of “I don’t want them to be lumped in with other supplements” comes from.

However, it is not the product development that I spent the most time on.

Of course, I pursued every possible element, including optimal nutritional balance, carefully selected and pure ingredients, thorough safety, and elimination of all extraneous ingredients.

But what I spent most of my time on was still trying to get to know my customers, whom I had not yet met.

What do parents with growing children really think?

The supplements we offer are for growing children. But it is the parents and guardians who buy them. Especially mothers.

Therefore, we spent a lot of time trying to get to know mothers.

  • What are mothers worried about?
  • What do mothers want to do for their children?
  • What do they want their children to become?
  • What should we do to help them feel more secure?

Frankly, we also spent a lot of money. We conducted several awareness surveys with thousands of mothers.

We even did something as large as a “Survey on Child Development Awareness” of 1,200 mothers with growing children between the ages of 10 and 16.

But looking back, I am really glad we took the time to do it.

And this is what makes us unique.

About what makes us unique. Important story.

I am sorry. This letter has become quite long.

But there are still some important things for your child’s growth, so let me tell you a few more things. Please decide after that whether you would like to purchase our supplements. I will summarize the main points.

Here is what we are all about

1. supports the nutritional balance of “Ichijyu Sansai”.

Our supplements aim to restore the nutritional balance of the traditional Japanese diet of “Ichiju Sansai” and complement the nutrients that are not available in the modern diet.

Ichiju Sansai is a menu consisting of rice, soup, one main dish such as meat or fish, and two side dishes such as vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms, and beans.

“Washoku (Japanese Foods)” which is now attracting attention around the world, is also based on Ichiju Sansai.

In today’s age of processed and retort-pouch foods, vegetables have less nutritional value than in the past.

We have carefully designed the compatibility and combination of nutrients to ensure that the nutrients that are often lacking in our daily diet are evenly distributed and that each nutrient can easily work within the child’s body.

2. children under 10 years old are generally not allowed.

Unlike teenagers who are growing bigger and bigger, children under 10 years of age still need less nutrition, so they can get enough in their regular diet.

There may be some difficulties with picky eaters, small appetites, dislike of vegetables, and so on. However, we believe that it is not good for the child’s total growth to easily supplement nutrition from a very young age.

It is very important for children to eat well at home while they are young in order to build a foundation for their future eating habits. We hope that nutritional supplementation through food will be a top priority for them.

Of course, the final decision lies with the parents. We hope you will find this information useful as an opinion.

3. operated mainly by working mother staff.

Our customers are mothers who are struggling with their children’s growth.

We believe that our staff, who are in the same position as our clients, can provide more attentive services in line with reality.

Of course, we are not just mothers. Most of our staff members are certified supplement advisors.

We use this expertise to update our knowledge not only about supplements, but also about children’s health in general on a daily basis.

4.We give priority to regular customers rather than developing new customers.

We do not offer “trial sets” as is common in the Japanese health food industry.

This is because supplements are not medicines and cannot be easily felt in a short period of time, and a small amount is not enough to try them. It is just like taking high nutrient vegetables for a week does not make you healthy.

We believe that we should focus more on serving those who have done proper research and chosen our products for their children from the beginning and those who have always used our products, rather than those who are willing to try them out on a casual basis.

We believe that trial sets are a measure to attract new customers and not a plus for regular customers. For the same reason, we do not have a “subscription” or “money-back guarantee” system.

Let me say this in closing.

Dear You.

I am so sorry for your daily cooking, housework, and taking care of your children.

In addition to nutrition, I know that there are many other things that are hard for you as a parent of a growing child: puberty, interpersonal relationships, studies, club activities, and so on.

But thank you for taking the time to read my letter to the end.

Children are growing up and getting closer to adulthood.

This is such a limited time that we only have now.

You want to do everything you can for your child.

We want to be of service to you.

We sincerely wish your child’s growth.

Representative of Health RSL Performance
From Yasunori Nagayoshi, President of RSL Japan Co., Ltd.

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