Here are some of the recommendations we have received from professionals in various fields. You can get a glimpse of what kind of aspirations our supplements were born from. We are sure that they will be a source of reassurance for you.

This image overlapped with that of an athlete obsessed with results.

Toshiki Matsui, Auditor,
Japan En Sportables Association
I have been assisting general and professional athletes for more than 10 years.

Soccer, baseball, track and field, swimming, basketball, volleyball, triathlon, ice hockey, kendo, etc. Some of them are well known to all Japanese.

My role is to help athletes condition themselves and maximize their performance, so I have been involved in the development and provision of specialized supplements for many years.

Incidentally, for athletes who are active at the forefront of their sport, their raison d’etre is to produce results. It is no exaggeration to say that they live by results alone.

They are very sensitive to the slightest physical changes, and they are very demanding about diet, training, supplements, daily life, etc.

Because they are in danger of getting injured, which could end their lives. They are desperate.

That is why I do my best to support each athlete with what I know will work for them.

I met the president of Kenko RSL performance in 2005.

He said, “I want to talk to you because I want to make authentic nutritional supplements for children.”

“I want to make something safe and effective for the children of the future who will lead our society.”

I remember that was the beginning of our conversation.

Eight years have passed since then, and I cannot hide my surprise.

I have seen many health and nutritional supplements in my work, and to be frank, their contents are questionable.

However, Kenko RSL does not cut corners, from researching nutritional supplements and ingredients to conducting research on children. They will not give up, even if it takes them a long time. I hear that there were many big obstacles before the launch of the supplement. But they never give up. Their persistence is not half-baked.

I saw this attitude overlap with that of athletes who are obsessed with results.

As a manufacturer of supplements dedicated to growth, nothing can compare to Kenko RSL.

I am happy that they have sought my advice. Furthermore, it is my greatest fortune to have met someone who pursues the real thing.

The main reason for my recommendation is the balance of nutrients.

Tsukasa Takee, General Manager,
Shonan Bellmare Sports Club Fitness & Conditioning
I would recommend Kenko RSL Performance nutritional supplements.

One of my concerns as a sports trainer is that today’s children are prone to injury.

The reason why injuries occur is because the balance of sleep, exercise, and diet, which are essential for building health, is disrupted.

In terms of sleep, the sleep time is too short. To promote growth and to rest the body, upper elementary to junior high school students should get at least 9 hours. This is shorter than children in Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and the United States.

In terms of exercise, children not only lack physical strength, but also their outer and inner muscles are not being trained together, which leads to imbalance and stress on one area of the body, making them vulnerable to injury.

In terms of diet, daily meals alone are inadequate in terms of nutrition. Many children eat small meals, do not eat vegetables, or eat only sweet breads.

The primary reason I recommend Healthy RSL Performance nutritional supplements is the balance of nutrients.

The combination of nutrients is excellent, intended to have a synergistic effect on the body, rather than just supplementing a portion of the nutritional intake that cannot be obtained through diet alone. I sincerely hope that today’s children will take these supplements.

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