Here we tell you about the unique features of our supplements, including Karada Alpha (α).

This is a drink for your precious child. Please read carefully.

I will carefully discuss each of them with you so that you will feel at ease.

1. pharmaceutical-level quality control in a Japanese pharmaceutical plant

Did you know?

Supplements are usually made in food factories.

Of course, there is a certain level of quality control there as well, so there are basically no problems. Safety is also maintained.

However, we chose to make our supplements in a domestic (Japan) pharmaceutical factory.

Only about 4-5% of the supplements sold in Japan are made in pharmaceutical plants. This is probably due to cost and contractual issues.

But the level of quality control in a pharmaceutical factory cannot be compared to that in a food factory.

Imagine this.

In a pharmaceutical factory making medicines, there is no room for a single accident, is there?

Naturally, there is no contamination by foreign substances. (Occurs in food factories, although at a very low rate).

Moreover, our growth supplements are made in a factory that is highly regarded in the industry for its knowledge of raw materials and production technology.

2. 99% of each tablet is nutritional! Zero preservatives and coloring agents.


This was a challenge for all involved.

Our supplements contain so many nutrients that “it was hard to harden them into tablets!” the plant manager said weakly.

For example, the most popular, Karada Alpha (α), has more than 99% of each tablet made up of nutritional ingredients. In a sense, it is a special supplement.

Conversely, it contains almost no excipients, which are used in all supplements when hardening them into tablets.

This is because taking a growth supplement would be a waste if the nutrient content is low.

In addition, there are no preservatives and no coloring agents. There is no sugar or sweeteners.

Now here is a tidbit I would like you to know.

Some nutritional supplements for children are available on the market that are low in nutritional ingredients. In particular, you need to be a little careful with powdered products that are dissolved in water or milk.

This is because the powdered type has to contain additives (e.g., dextrin) to make it easier to dissolve in water and sweeteners (e.g., sugar, erythritol, syrup, etc.) to make it easier to drink.

This inevitably results in a relatively low “amount of nutrients”.

When considering a powder type (beverage type), please check the nutritional content along with the name of the ingredients.

However, to tell you the truth, we just …

Where is the need for a powdered type of growth support for a child past the age of 10?

We wonder.

We are in contact with mothers who put their children first every day, so we couldn’t help but tell you as well.

3. Exquisite nutritional balance based on naturally derived ingredients

This is another area where we have been very particular.

Karada Alpha (α) is based on plant-derived and natural ingredients such as spirulina (a type of algae), hijiki powder, and aqua mineral.

Rather than specializing in one type of nutrient, it is packed with a good balance of vegetable protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

Did you know?

For example, concentrating on a single nutrient such as “calcium” or “arginine” is actually not very useful.

Nutrients work in the body by interacting with each other, so it is very important to have “compatibility” and “balance” among nutrients.

This is also the reason why we do not make supplements that are biased toward a single nutrient.

  • Today’s world is overflowing with processed foods, retort-pouch foods, fast foods, and junk foods.
  • With more and more people working together, people are too busy to cook ideal meals every day.
  • The nutritional value of vegetables has declined compared to the past.
  • Children tend to have irregular mealtimes due to cram school and club activities.

We believe that it is of utmost importance in this day and age to “supplement nutrients that are inevitably lacking in the daily diet in a well-balanced manner,” in addition to “ensuring that each nutrient works efficiently within the child’s body”.

This is even more so since our supplements are not for adults, but for growing children.

4. Delivered fresh anytime! Double-wrapped in aluminum

To ensure that our supplements are delivered in the best possible condition, we use “double packaging” that is completely airtight to prevent deterioration.

Our supplements contain a large amount of nutrients, so, for example, if you leave the grains on your desk, they may absorb moisture and swell. To prevent this, we package our products securely at the pharmaceutical company.

Furthermore, the “double packaging” also serves to “prevent poking and tampering” during the period between shipment and delivery of the product.

Have you ever seen a manufacturer using this type of double packaging?

Not very often. We want to spare you the trouble and care about your peace of mind with your growing child.

5. Safety on top of safety. Various inspections and in-house integrated operation system

All of our supplement ingredients are procured from major Japanese manufacturers.

Each raw material manufacturer also conducts various analytical tests (heavy metals, microorganisms, pesticide residues, radioactivity, and microcystin).

And of course, only raw materials that meet Japanese safety standards are used.

In addition, we also conduct various tests at the product level and disclose the results to the public.

Radioactive materials “Not detected.”
Trans fatty acids “Not detected.”

(Note: The following is for Japan only; overseas shipping is outsourced to an agent.)

Although this is unusual for a supplement manufacturer, we do not outsource any of our operations to call centers or external warehouses.

We do everything in-house, from order receipt and response to inquiries to shipping.

This is not only because we want to emphasize the importance of individual relationships with our customers, but also to enhance safety by eliminating the involvement of third parties between us and our customers.

We are happy to give you peace of mind.

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In fact, our commitment to growth supplements has been further expanded by the results of this Here are the results of our survey of 1,200 mothers around the world.

“What kind of people and what kind of thoughts are running the store?” is important, isn’t it?

This is how Karada Alpha (α) was created and is the most popular No. 1 growth period supplement. For mothers who wish for the healthy growth of their children.