We, Kenko RSL Performance, are a manufacturer and distributor of supplements for growing children between the ages of 10 and 16.

With the goal of restoring the nutritional balance of the traditional Japanese diet (Ichiju Sansai), we offer supplements that supplement nutrients that are simply not available in the modern diet.

Our goal is to provide a growth supplement that mothers can truly feel comfortable with.

Our customers are mothers who want their children to grow up every day.

They know that a well-balanced diet is important for their children.

They know this, but they are frustrated that things don’t always go as they should.

That is why we operate our business with a focus on mothers who are in the same position as our customers.

We are also supplement advisors who have acquired knowledge systematically, so please feel free to consult with us anytime.

Supplement Advisor Certificate

We would be happy if we can help reassure mothers who are leading busy lives.

Because it’s mail order, not face-to-face.

We are an online retailer of growth supplements. We do not sell wholesale, nor do we sell at retail (physical stores).

However, online shopping can be worrisome because you cannot touch the actual product and take it home with you on the spot.

When you hear the word “mail order” or “online sales,” you may have an image of something inorganic.

That is why we do our best to provide face-to-face communication with each customer to make them feel at ease.

Please note: We can only deal directly with customers in Japan. If you are overseas, you will have to deal with a purchasing agent. We apologize.
Monthly customer-specific newsletters

Also, our staff members are ready to carefully pack the products themselves before shipping, not an outside vendor.

Because this is an online store that is not face-to-face, we promise that we will always value service that you can feel the “heart” of the company.

President’s Thoughts

“I want to support toward a society where children can have ambitions!”

It is not a hope. It is an ambition. I really mean it.

If you look up the word “ambition” in the japanese dictionary, you will find that it means “an unreasonable desire. Compared to “hope,” “ambition” seems like a bad word.

But I believe that the future created by children who take on challenges that are considered “impossible” or “reckless” by others is definitely brighter.

For such a future, we will support children in terms of health and nutrition.

Then I wrote a letter to you for the first time.

  • Why might we be of help to you?
  • Who should not buy the supplements?
  • Is it safe for your child to take supplements?

We write to help you decide. Our supplements are not cheap. Moreover, they are for your child to take. Please be sure to read it.

>> To mothers. Please read this first

Awards and Media Coverage

We have won numerous awards over the years at the E-Store Internet Shop Awards, to which tens of thousands of mail order providers subscribe.

We are especially proud of the fact that the judging criteria is the number of repeat customers and an exceptional repeat rate.

We are very happy because we feel that we have been recognized for placing the utmost importance on “gaining the support of our existing customers.”

We have also been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and news media.

>> Detailed Awards and media coverage

Operator information

Our office is located in Tanimachi, Osaka.

In the surrounding area, there are many old-fashioned streets with temples, shrines, wooden row-house buildings, and cul-de-sacs, giving the area a unique atmosphere.

This quiet and relaxing place in the city is a perfect example of an “urban downtown.”

Sumo wrestlers can be seen walking leisurely during the spring tournament, and the nearby streets are all peach-colored during the cherry blossom season, which comes right after the tournament.

We work energetically in such a relaxed environment!

Store name Kenko RSL Performance
Operating company RSL Japan Co., Ltd.
Establishment September 6, 2002
representative Yasunori Nagayoshi, President and Representative Director
Location Kishiwada-Daisan Bldg. 2-3-1 Kawaraya-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0066, Japan
TEL 0120-965-810 (Japan only / Japanese only)
URL https://www.rsl-performance.jp

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