Here you will find a list of our awards, as well as our publication record in newspapers, magazines, and the news.

We hope that this information will be of some comfort to you.

E-Store Internet Shop Award – Consecutive Award in Health-Related Category

We are especially pleased to receive this award.

Because an important criterion for this award is the number of regular customers. We hear the number of regulars is outstanding.

We would like to thank all of you for your support. Thank you very much.

The company was consecutively ranked No. 1 among tens of thousands of online stores!
A photo was taken with Mr. Ishimura, President of E-store, at the award ceremony.
E-Store staff brought the award trophy plaque directly to our office!

Note: E-store, Inc. is a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange that provides comprehensive mail-order store services.

Media Coverage

Karada Alpha (α) and Kenko RSL Performance have been interviewed by many newspapers, magazines, news and various other media.

The following is a list of coverage we have received from a wide range of media, from health-related magazines to industry newspapers, local newspapers, and national newspapers.

April 2016 ASCII Web Professional

Our unique approach of growing by strong word-of-mouth without “trial” or “regular” purchases, which is common practice in mail order, was introduced and featured along with the awarding of the “Internet Shop Grand Prize,” which is selected from among approximately 20,000 stores.

August 2015 Sykuryou Sinbun

One of the results of our survey of the attitudes of 1,200 mothers with growing children (ideal and reality of a well-balanced traditional Japanese food menu, “Ichiju Sansai” ) was widely reported in a full-page article.

August 2015 ASCII Web Professional

The results of our awareness survey were also featured here, including the fact that there is a big difference between the ideal and reality of meals due to the way mothers work, and the fact that more and more people are experiencing changes in their eating environment.

August 2015 Sankei Kansai

The results of a survey of the attitudes of 1,200 people with growing children conducted by us were featured. The focus is on “the gap between mothers’ ideals and reality.”

July 2015 KYOTO Moving Life

This supplement was introduced as a solution to the nutritional balance concerns of today’s children and how it has spread rapidly by word of mouth.

June 2015 Sankei Sinbun

The article was published with great support from parents with 13-15 year old (especially boys) children, along with stories from experts and doctors.

August 2014 Tsushin Kouza Daijiten

I was interviewed about learning to be a supplement advisor. We talked about how we made time between work and child-rearing to study.

December 2013 Osaka Nichinichi Shinbun

The article featured efforts on behalf of busy students and guardians to dedicate an ema (votive picture tablet) at Hieizan Enryakuji Temple to pray for success in entrance exams.

December 2013 Alterna S

An interview about what we try to do to serve customers at Online Jop through balancing childcare and work and about our supplement business was featured in the article.

September 2013 Sports Business Magazine

The company was recognized for its potential to develop new needs for health maintenance and promotion, as well as sports, for supplements targeting teenagers.

July 2013 Kenko 365

The article featured a well-balanced intake of nutrients essential for the development of teenagers during their growth period, as well as quality and hygiene control at the pharmaceutical level.

May 2013 Kenko Journal

The Journal introduced four of our supplements for growing teenagers, saying that they are attracting attention as growth supplements that provide children with the nutritional support they need.

May 2013 Sankei Kansai

The article introduced how we started from the development of nutritional supplements for athletes to the development of supplements optimized for teenagers during their growth period.

May 2013 Osaka Nichinichi Shinbun

It was introduced that it took eight years from the planning stage to launch the supplement for growing teenagers, and that the company was thoroughly committed to improving its reliability.

May 2013 Fuji Sankei Business Eye

The article highlighted the fact that the company manages its production according to the same standards as pharmaceutical products in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s ministerial ordinances.

May 2013 Sankei Kansai

Growth Supplement was introduced in the article “We want to provide peace of mind to as many mothers as possible” by the representative of our company.

April 2013 Nihon Iryoueisei Sinbun

Introduced as a nutritional supplement specialized for growing children that provides a good balance of nutrients essential for development, which are lacking in the modern Japanese diet.

For Media – Contact Us

For interview requests and inquiries about Kenko RSL Performance, please contact us here.

For media inquiries, please contact
Yusuke Kamiyama,
Public Relations, RSL Japan Co., Ltd.
2-3-1 Kawaraya-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0066, Japan
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Store name Kenko RSL Performance
Operating company RSL Japan Co., Ltd.
Location Kishiwada-Daisan Bldg. 2-3-1 Kawaraya-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0066, Japan
TEL 06-6765-9888 (Japan only / Japanese only)
FAX 06-6765-9910
Establishment September 6, 2002
representative Yasunori Nagayoshi
Certified Supplement Advisor, Japan Nutrition Association
Business content Sales of nutritional supplements

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We wrote you a letter that you should read first. This is how our Growth Supplement was created. You can see why it has been in the news so many times.

It is thanks to these professionals that we are always getting requests for interviews. I really appreciate it.

I am writing about us. I am happy to see my face in magazines and news, but I am still nervous.